New Product Release – AudioControl DM-810 DSP Processor

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The AudioControl DM-810, designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, features AudioControl’s new DSP software platform, delivering its new ‘Smart-user’ interface ergonomically designed to dramatically simplify the user experience for installers.

Vehicles with complicated factory amplified systems are normally a nightmare for installers and enthusiasts to add their aftermarket amplifiers. Complex multi-channel active systems require channel summing and de-equalizing to get the most from your aftermarket equipment. No more an issue thanks to the AudioControl DM-810 Processor.

AudioControl’s intuitive DSP PC interface is packed full of features including 30-bands of EQ adjustment, parametric filters, signal time-alignment, Channel summing, input delay, phase correction, patented AudioControl AccuBASS®, GTO turn on circuit as well as integrated input and output Real Time Analyzers (RTA’s).

The DM-810 also incorporates a connectivity port that will allow users to program DSP features using Android or iOS devices, as well as stream media including high-quality audio via an optional AudioControl Bluetooth device available later this year.

The DM-810 has eight active high-level speaker inputs, six RCA level inputs, and two digital inputs plus ten RCA outputs.

Available from Stinger Australia retailers across Australia.