Technical Information – AudioControl LGD

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Today’s factory car audio systems feature D class amplifiers whether the vehicle has a factory amplifier or just a headunit which means adding a line out converter, amplifier or processor, the factory radio must see some form of load.

With no load connected to the factory amplifier, the audio output may fluctuate in volume and voltage, or may not work even at all!

That’s where the AudioControl LGD comes to the rescue. The LGD is a load generating device (get it? L.G.D) which  is designed to generate load and stabilise signal from the factory audio system to ensure the best possible audio signal.

But how does it work exactly?
The LGD uses carefully selected audio-grade components to create a zobel network which will not affect audio quality, but will create load for D Class Amplifiers.

So the next time your adding a amplifier, processor or line out converter to your factory audio system in your modern car, grab a set of AudioControl LGD’s and get the best possible sound for your device.