InstallPRO Speaker Baffles Now Available

Stinger Australia MichaelNew Product Available

Part of the new InstallPRO range, the Universal Speaker Baffle Kit (#IPBu65) is an all-new complete speaker baffle design from Stinger Australia.

With its silicone design, the IPBU65 is designed to work with most 6.5″ woofers, speakers or drivers offering superior protection from the elements.

Water is something all door enclosures have to deal with, its the design of the window seal that allows water into the door cavity, this water can result in rusty, damaged speakers costing money and time to replace. By installing the IPBU65, it offers a fantastic seal to the speaker mounting surface with an adjustable extrusion to cover the back of the speaker.

Now available from Stinger Australia stockists across Australia.

Check out the InstallPRO IPBU65 here