New Product – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Blind Spot Kit

Stinger Australia MichaelNew Product Available

Now available to suit 2014 – 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles, the Echomaster lane assistance (blind spot) kit improves vehicle safety when driving. (Part Number: #FCTP-MB1102)
Included with the kit is

  • Left and Right Mirror Caps with integrated cameras
  • Includes two side mirror caps with blind-spot cameras
  • The vehicle-specific module integrates cameras into the Sprinter’s OEM or aftermarket radio screen; cameras are activated when turn signals are used, or when the vehicle is shifted into drive and reverse
  • Kits include everything needed for plug-and-play installation including camera harnesses and adapters
  • Retains steering wheel controls
  • Retains original back-up camera and reverse trigger (when equipped with one)
  • Four camera safety camera system ready
  • Retains USB Port
  • Front and rear camera activation while in motion
  • Provides wired outputs for navigation read installation
  • On-Board 10 AMP ACC 12v Output
  • USB Updatable

Check out the kit and applications here ->