PAC Audio Video Converter/Noise Filter Now Available

Stinger Australia MichaelNew Product Available

Retention of factory reverse cameras can be a frustrating thing to do at times when replacing the factory radio in vehicles.

We’ve all come across times where you have retained the factory camera in a Subaru, Toyota and Mitsubishi where you get horizontal lines and static on the new head unit.
The PAC Audio team has come to the rescue with the all-new PAC RPA-VA1 video converter and noise filter.

Familiar with the ground loop isolator for audio systems? Meet the Video equivalent!

To complement the range of vehicle-specific factory camera retention harnesses, the PAC RPA-VA1 was designed to eliminate ground loop issues, and fix distorted video signals such as horizontal lines. This simple module is plugged inline with the video source/camera behind the radio and the aftermarket radio. Then simply apply 12v+ Power and Ground.

Now available for order from Stinger Australia stockists.