Trailer Camera Kits – Range Overview

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Did you know adding a camera to your trailer has never been easier? Why work harder.. work smarter!

Available from Stinger Australia is a range of wireless camera kits for adding a trailer to your horse float, trailer, car trailer, work trailer and more.

These vehicle specific kits include our highly popular Echomaster encrypted wireless camera which unlike conventional wireless cameras on the market, the PCAM-WLP has a digitally encrypted video signal. Think of it like a WiFi password between your laptop and WiFi router. This means no external noise can interrupt the video picture offering you complete security and reliability.

The camera can be installed easily on the trailers licence plate or can be installed anywhere on the trailer using the included lip mount bracket as the licence plate bracket is removable.

Also included is a vehicle specific integration kit to allow video picture from the wireless camera to be displayed on your vehicles OEM screen without loss of your factory reverse camera.
In some cases, even more additional cameras can be installed into the vehicle with the kit installed (camera’s available separately).

e.g Vehicle Interface

These kits are available for Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Toyota with more kits on the way.

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