New parking sensor kit with a difference!

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Ever tried fitting parking sensors to a vehicle where you cant mount the module in the rear? I have and it’s frustrating.
I’ve seen everything from people putting modules in plastic bags, to just cable tieing it up hoping for the best.

Echomaster has solved this issue with the new Echomaster Universal Truck parking sensor kit. Now don’t be scared by the truck term.
This universal 12v parking sensor kit features unique 9-Meter harnesses for each sensor. Yes, you read that right, 9 meters.

Each sensor can easily be unclipped and disassembled for painting

This is designed where you might fit parking sensors to a tray back vehicle, a 4×4 or any commercial vehicle where you would never want the module simply out in the open elements. The module can be easily installed in the front of the vehicle and each sensor loom is then run to the rear of the vehicle.

Like other Echomaster parking sensor kits we offer, the sensors themselves can be easily unplugged from the harness making running looms easy, painting easy and on the off chance you have to remove the bumper, no removing harnesses!

Each sensor can also be disassembled for easy painting and includes a pre-loomed OEM specification harness with a hideaway adjustable beeper.

  • Detection Range: 1.6 m/5.2 ft
  • Volume control/Mute ability
  • Plastic bumper friendly
  • Compatible with metal bumpers when used with optional rubber sleeves
  • Paintable for a perfect match
  • IP67 water/debris-proof rating
  • Operating temp:-30°C to 80°C
  • OEM Manufacturer Specifications

What’s Included:

  • 4 Matte Black Bumper Mounted Sensors
  • Control Module
  • Installation Accessories
  • Power Hardware Kit
  • Speaker
  • Metal Bumper Hole Saw
  • 30’ Harness for Truck Installation
  • Manual

The PS-TRUCK30-M is now available from Stinger Australia stockists.

Click here for more information on the PS-TRUCK-30-M