Spotlight on Echomaster Multiview Camera

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When it comes to comprehensive visibility, most cameras fall short. CAM-MV6 is designed to provide multiple viewing modes including a 180° wide-field view that exposes areas that might otherwise fall into a troublesome blind spot.

The 180° field of view is one of the widest on the market, offering a full visual of a car’s surroundings without creating blind spots. Packaged with a universal mounting bracket, complete with screws and adhesive tape, CAM-MV6 can mount on a lip or a flat surface, serving as a front or rear camera.

A convenient one-touch button, located within your reach, lets you switch between different viewing options to help you see around obstacles, making it easier than ever to make a turn or back up into oncoming traffic. Say goodbye to awkwardly inch forward, trying to get a handle on oncoming traffic because a tree or a stop sign is in the way. CAM-MV6 lets you see around these obstacles, without endangering yourself by pulling too far forward or backing out too quickly.

With CAM-MV6 installed as a front or rear camera, you can stay aware of your surroundings for a safer, easier, and less stressful driving experience.

This camera is fantastic for forward-facing or rearward-facing applications and here are just a few examples of why.

Some reasons why the CAM-MV6 is fantastic for

Front Bumper/Grill Camera

  • You can see clearly left and right of the camera with its 180deg view
  • Selectable angles let you see if your front aero or skirt might hit something when parking

Rearward Facing Installation

  • You can zoom down to your towbar hitch with the press of a button
  • With multiple angle options, you can see a larger range of visibility.

Example Camera Visibility