InstallPRO 6×9 Speaker Baffles – Now Available

Stinger Australia MichaelNew Product Available

InstallPRO by Stinger Australia has now expanded to include a 6×9 version of our ever-popular InstallPRO 6.5″ speaker baffles.
Since the launch of the IPBU65 InstallPRO 6.5″ Speaker baffles, we have seen a need for a 6×9 version to suit the wide range of US Import, Pickup Trucks and other 4x4s which are being fitted from the factory with 6×9 speakers.

The IPBU69 are designed for use with aftermarket 6×9 speakers, however, they can also be used with factory speakers featuring a similar-sized basket.
Made from a foldable silicon material, each baffle is designed to be folded to the required length to suit the installation. This benefits not only the speaker basket protecting it from water running down or splashing in the door cavity, but it also improves speaker performance with the included ‘egg carton design’ acoustic back wave pad.

Improve your speaker performance but also protect your new speaker’s investment with the InstallPRO Speaker Baffle Kits.

The InstallPRO 6×9 Speaker Baffle Kit (#IPBU69) is now available from your nearest Stinger Australia stockist in-store as well as the original InstallPRO 6.5″ Speaker Baffle Kit (#IPBU65)

Check out the IPBU69 Here and Check out the IPBU65 Here