Dodge RAM Cargo & Blind Spot Camera Pack – NOW AVAILABLE

Stinger Australia MichaelNew Product Available

Attention Dodge RAM 2008 – 2019 owners, you might be able to tow the universe with your Mopar power but can you see out the back with ease?

Now available from Stinger Australia, the Dodge RAM Cargo & Blind Spot Camera Pack (VCCH41RAMKIT) offers easy installation and more viewing angles to your truck with the ultimate cargo cam pack. Designed to work with the OEM factory Dodge RAM infotainment system, the pack improves the visibility of your truck bed and side blind spot views all from your OEM factory Dodge RAM infotainment system without needing to add additional screens or clutter to your dashboard.

The included high mount brake light replaces the OEM high mount brake light and includes the molded OEM style camera as part of the light. Each kit includes the PAC Audio Backup Camera Interface for a reliable video picture plus adds factory features including AV Input, Navigation & Bluetooth unlock, Additional EQ features to the OEM radio (Factory amplified models only) and more

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