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MTASWC-1 LED Flash identifying

The 1st series of green LED flashes to represent the wire(s) that are connected to the vehicle from the ASWC-1. Short flashes represent the steering wheel control wire(s) that are not connected to the vehicle from the ASWC-1
Long flashes represent the wire(s) that are connected to the vehicle

1st led flash is the White/Green wire on the ASWC-1
2nd led flash is the Orange/Green wire on the ASWC-1
3rd led flash is the Green/Orange wire on the ASWC-1
4th led flash is the Gray/Red wire on the ASWC-1
5th led flash is the Black/Green wire on the ASWC-1
6th led flash is the Gray/Blue wire on the ASWC-1
7th led flash is the Pink wire on the ASWC-1

If during the auto-detect sequence there was no longer green LED flash, just short ones, the ASWC-1 was not connected to the correct wire in the vehicle or the incorrect wire was used on the ASWC-1. Double-check connections and the vehicle information sheet to verify that you have the correct wires connected.
The 2nd set of red LED flashes represents what brand radio the ASWC-1 believes it is connected to. Each flash is for a different radio manufacturer.
1st led flash is for Eclipse
2nd led flash is for Kenwood
3rd led flash is for Clarion
4th led flash is for Sony and Dual
5th led flash is for JVC
6th led flash is for Pioneer and Jensen
7th led flash is for Alpine*
8th led flash is for Visteon
9th led flash is for Valor
10th led flash is for Clarion 5v
11th led flash is for Metra OE
12th led flash is for Eclipse type 2
13th led flash is for LG
14th led flash is for PARROT
(Note: AX-SWC-PARROT required (sold separately), radio
MUST be updated to rev 2.1.4 or higher and ASWC-1 MUST be updated to the latest
firmware from www.axxessinterfaces.com.)
15th led flash is for XITE

Note: If the ASWC-1 flashes 7 times and you do not have an Alpine radio connected to it that means that the ASWC-1 did not see any radio connected. Verify the 3.5mm connector is connected to the SWC input on the radio.