New Product Release – AudioControl 6 Channel Amplifier (LC.6-1200)

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Building from the hugely successful LC-4.800 multi-channel amplifier, the LC-6.1200 is surely the most flexible 6 channel amplifier on the market. Featuring eight active speaker level inputs with summing, coupled with an intuitive three-way Linkwitz-Riley crossover network, the LC-6.1200 can be easily integrated with most factory installed source units. The patented AccuBASS® circuit … Read More

Stinger Australia IN FOCUS – New Web Series

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The first episode of Stinger Australia IN FOCUS now available on YouTube to watch! This web series created in house, covers new products, technical information and installation tips available from Stinger Australia. In this episode, we discuss blind spot cameras and integrating them into your factory system.

New Product Release – AudioControl DM-810 DSP Processor

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The AudioControl DM-810, designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, features AudioControl’s new DSP software platform, delivering its new ‘Smart-user’ interface ergonomically designed to dramatically simplify the user experience for installers. Vehicles with complicated factory amplified systems are normally a nightmare for installers and enthusiasts to add their aftermarket amplifiers. … Read More

New Vehicle Solution – 2010 – 2015 Chevrolet Camaro

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With the Chevrolet Camaro being more popular here in Australia, owners of the 2010 – 2015 Chevrolet Camaro can now change their factory stock radio and retain the factory look. The PACRPK5-GM4101 is simple yet effective. The kit is designed to enhance functionality through aftermarket radio upgrades, without sacrificing the … Read More

New Vehicle Solution – Ford Ranger/Everest 2015-2016

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Owners of the current model Ford Ranger & Everest that are stuck with the boring base model radio, are now able to install their 2DIN radio of choice thanks to the CTKFD65C from Connects2 & Stinger Australia. Included with the kit is a 2DIN radio installation panel, mounting brackets, CANBUS … Read More

New Product – Echomaster PRO Blind Spot Camera

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Blind spots can be a recipe for disaster, and there are always places your rearview and side view mirrors just can’t reach. This versatile blind spot camera is fully self-adhesive, making it a cinch to install. Stop worrying about unseen obstacles, and gain a clearer view of your surroundings than … Read More

New Vehicle Solution – 2015 – 2016 Honda HRV

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2015 – 2016 Honda HRV owners can now replace their factory radio with an aftermarket 2DIN radio of their choice, thanks to new products available from Stinger Australia. Replacing the factory radio is made easy by using the Stinger Australia 2DIN Radio surround and Stinger Australia antenna adapter (BN25K8019 & … Read More

New Dash-kit Release – Toyota Corolla Hatch

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2015 – 2016 Toyota Corolla Hatch owners can now replace the factory radio with an aftermarket 2DIN radio of their choice. Using the kit with factory radio brackets from the stock radio, The MT95-8250 allows seamless clean installation a standard 2DIN radio into the vehicle. Complete the installation into the Toyota Corolla … Read More

New Product Release – SoundSkins Rings

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Now available from Stinger Australia, The SoundSkins rings enhance your aftermarket speaker installation. Speakers often suffer due to the speakers output being lost between the door trim and the door itself, when aftermarket speakers are installed. SoundSkins Rings improve your speakers performance by sealing your speaker to your door-trim by use of … Read More

New Dashkit Release – 2007-2009 JEEP Compass/Patriot Kit

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2007-2009 Jeep Compass/Patriot owners can now replace the factory radio with an aftermarket 2DIN radio of their choice. With some simple modifications, the Metra MT95-6534B allows seamless clean installation a standard 2DIN radio into the vehicle. Complete the installation into the Jeep Compass and Patriot with the Stinger Australia STBAA20 and PAC Audio ControlPRO … Read More