Passive LineOut Converters

Passive line out converters are fantastic with low powered factory audio systems that don’t feature a factory amplifier. These simple line out converters offer 2 or 4 channels of output and are available in the PAC Audio range and Stinger range.

Active LineOut Converters

Active line out converters are a more advanced line out converter with a better sound quality output. These are fantastic for amplified audio systems, late model vehicles, and high powered factory audio systems. They are available from 2 Channel to 8 Channel output. Most will have a sound processing circuit in them as well offering extra features like AccuBass and line driver capabilities.

Plug’n’Play Interfaces

If your lucky enough to have a compatible vehicle, the PAC Audio range of AmpPRO adaptors offer plug and play compatibility giving you Front, Rear and Subwoofer RCA output from your OEM radio without the mess of wiring in multiple modules. You even have an option of TOSLINK output for external DSP units if required.

To see the range of Active Line Out Converters and OEM interfaces available,
check out the Stinger Australia Audio website today!

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