Wanting to add an amplifier to your factory audio system in your vehicle?
Stinger Australia’s range of line out converters makes it a breeze no matter how many channels you need.

But what one do you need?

As a guide, there is two styles of converters (Passive and Active).

Passive Line Out Converters are fantastic with low powered factory audio systems that don’t feature a factory amplifier. These simple line out converters offer 2 or 4 channels of output and are available in the PAC Audio range and Stinger range.

Active Line Out Converters are a more advanced line out converter with a better sound quality output. These are fantastic for amplified audio systems, late model vehicles and high powered factory audio systems. They are available from 2 Channel to 8 Channel output. Most will have a sound processing circuit in them as well offering extra features like AccuBass and line driver capabilities.