AXXESS Multiple Camera Module

Part Number: AX-ADDCAM

Part Number : AX-ADDCAM

The AXXESS ADD CAM allows being used when adding cameras to your AV screen with RCA input.

  • 4 camera inputs
  • Programmable 12-volt 5-amp switched output (configurable through our AXXESSUPDATER PC)
  • Vehicle Speed Sense input and output
  • Programmable analog camera control wires (configurable through the AXXESSUPDATERPC)
  • Can be used just for Front camera, Rear camera, Side Cameras, Trailer Cameras, or more!
  • Micro B updatable

The AXESS ADD CAM also is available with ‘plug n play’ harness for vehicle specific application including Ford, Mazda & Chrysler.


Windows application is required to configure and set up vehicle.
Please contact Stinger Australia for more information if required.