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iOttie MiGo Mini Selfie Stick

Product Summary
Part Number: HLMPIO120BK
Barcode: 852306000000
Selected Part Number: HLMPIO120BK
General Product Information
iOttie MiGo Mini Selfie Stick is a sleek redesign of our original MiGo. This mini version of our best seller is perfect for daily use & fits perfectly inside your pocket or purse. Its sleek and stylish design maximizes the unit’s portability, and features a removable Bluetooth remote. This is an accessory that you won’t want to leave home without. Simply extend the unit and detach the remote and you’ll be taking selfies in moments whether for your iPhone, Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy & Nexus or action cams such as GoPro. It’s the perfect mini bluetooth selfie stick for your daily adventures.
  • Easy to use: Simply pull, and remove the detachable shutter. MiGo Mini also has an adjustable crad to ensure you find the best angle for your pictures. Using a case on your device? No problem! The MiGo holds devices all sizes from 1.8 inches to 3.5 inches.
  • Extends from 9 inches to 28 inches to give you the best angle. Need a wider shot? The MiGo Mini is also Tripod Compatible!
  • Avid GoPro user? The MiGo Mini is GoPro compatible! You can attach your GoPro to the MiGo Mini. Simply attach it with the GoPro connector and you are ready to film.
  • Charges with a universal Micro USB port. Don’t worry, the MiGo Mini comes with one, but if you forget yours, any universal Micro USB can be used!
  • Designed in NYC the MiGo Mini Selfie Stick is sleek & stylish. The MiGo Mini is also Bluetooth 3.0, FCC, CE & RoHS certified so you know you are getting the best quality product.


We redesigned our Migo selfie stick to be smaller and easier to use than ever. The Migo Mini features a remote Bluetooth shutter, tripod socket, and extends up to 28 inches so you can take your photos comfortably and easily.

Compact & Light Weight

  • Compact design which can easily be carried around in your hand or bag.

Detachable Remote Shutter

  • Detachable Remote gives you freedom to explore wide angles, perfect for large group photos.
  • Simply press the Shutter Button for instant long-range photos.
  • Easy to set up: Just pair your smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0

Cradle & Rod Extension

GoPro Connection

  • Attach your GoPro to your MiGo Mini.
  • Take live action videos or even attach to your tripod.


Tripod Connection

  • Attach your MiGo Mini to a tripod to take timed selfies.
  • Tripod hole located at the bottom of the MiGo Mini.

LED Charging Indicator

  • A red LED light indicates charging mode.
  • A green LED light indicates completed charging.

Wrist Strap Connection

  • Wrist Strap allows you to firmly secure the MiGo Mini to your wrist.



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