InstallPRO Universal 6X9″ Speaker Baffle Kit

Product Summary
Part Number: IPBU69
Barcode: 9342270005554
MSRP: $79.95 (AUD inc. GST)*
* Please note: This is the manufacturer suggested retail pricing. Reseller pricing may differ. Check with your local Stinger Australia stockist.
Selected Part Number: IPBU69
General Product Information

InstallPRO Universal 6X9″ Speaker Baffle Kit from Stinger Australia is an all-new complete set baffle.
With its silicone design, the IPBU69 offers fantastic protection for your speakers from water that can run down the inside of your door cavity causing rust, and damage to your speakers.

Adjustable in length, the IPBU69 is designed to work with most 6X9″ speakers (drivers, woofers) offering superior protection.

Not only does the kit offer protection, but with its included waffle back wave pad you also get improved speaker performance.

Normally the speaker back waves bounce around inside your door cavity causing decreased sound quality and poor speaker performance.
When installed and positioned behind the speaker in the door, the back wave pad will improve speaker performance and audio quality by absorbing and controlling speaker backwaves. (It works even better when the door is sound deadened with Stinger Roadkill, check out the range here!)


  • New design silicone with egg wave foam
  • Foldable speaker baffle
  • No trimming or cutting required
  • Better sealing for better sound
  • Designed to improve the directional flow of sound waves and focus them into the cabin
  • Offers protection for the speakers from rain and water inside your door cavity
  • The foldable ring fits different depths
  • 6X9 Inch speaker application

Example of how the IPBU69 is installed into a vehicle



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Black Finish

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