Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Blind Spot Camera Kit

Part Number: STBLIND4

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Part Number : STBLIND4

While vehicle design is becoming sleeker and more aerodynamic, vehicle blind spots are becoming more and more common.

Simplify your lane changing and avoid accidents with the ST-BLIND4 package to suit select Chrysler Vehicles.
The sleek Echomaster OE style blind spot cameras are triggered via your turn signal with the PAC Audio BCI Interface.

Additional forward facing camera can be added as well as reverse camera if not fitted from factory.
When your turn signal is used, the camera displays a clear video picture to your chosen monitor of the vehicle blind spot area.

Increase your field of view and create a safer driving environment.

Suits select Chrysler vehicles including
* Chrysler 300 (2015 – 2017)

2x Echomaster Blind Spot Cameras
1x PAC Audio Camera Interface
1x Vechicle Module Harness