iSimple uLinxMAX USB to MicroUSB Cable (2mtr)

Product Summary
Part Number: PACIS9612
Barcode: 609098818315
MSRP: $49.00 (AUD inc. GST)*
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Selected Part Number: PACIS9612
General Product Information

The inside of a car is a surprisingly rough environment for electronic equipment. Cheaply manufactured devices for smartphone music streaming will easily fail due to winter freezes or sweltering summer temperatures. The inside of a car can reach an astounding 172 degrees when it’s only 70 degrees outside.

uLinxMAX USB Cable for Micro-USB is built to last, designed and engineered to withstand brutal temperatures throughout the year. The cables have been tested for temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as 176 degrees. Whether you’re dealing with harsh Melbourne winters or the oppressive heat of Queensland summers, this is one USB cable that can handle it.


  • 6′ total length. For smartphone music streaming in the car, you need to be able to set your phone down in a place that makes sense. Short cables force you to put your phone in awkward places. At three feet total in length, uLinxMAX USB Cable with Micro-USB provides much-needed flexibility and convenience.
  • Dual layer shielding system. This rejects EM and RF interference, maintaining a crystal clear audio quality for music streaming.
  • Heavy duty copper. Heavy, high-quality copper construction provides optimal power transfer, up to 3Amp.
  • Full USB compatibility. Connect to any USB port.
  • Outer cable wall thickness: .55 mm
  • Total power wire size: 17 AWG
  • Total data wire size: 28 AWG


Important Product Compatibility Information
Product Color

Black/Grey Finish

Vehicle Plug Style

MicroUSB to USB


2 Meters

Product Vehicle Applications