PAC Audio Control Pro 5

Part Number: PACSWICP5

Part Number: PACSWICP5

The PAC SWI-CP5 interface allows the retention of steering wheel controls (SWC), rear seat controls (RSC) and retained accessory power (RAP) whenever replacing a factory radio.
Use of this interface also allows you to program two radio functions to each SWC button by using short press/long press dual command functionality.
The SWI-CP5 works in vehicles with either data or analog SWC.

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Interface Features

Configure using the Android Application, Apple Application, PC Application, USB flash drive or manually.
Compatible in vehicles equipped with LAN, LIN, CAN, Class II, Analog or Serial Data SWC.
Easily configurable using either a PC, smartphone or tablet.
Create and save custom vehicle configuration files for later use.
Ability to assign two radio functions to one SWC button.
Audible feedback for programming confirmation.
Highly visible tricolor LED to keep the user informed of the modules status.
Retains memory even if power is lost.
Equipped with a manual learning function for compatibility with unlisted analog vehicles.

App Features

Lookup Vehicle Configuration Settings
Provides Configuration Information for Dip Switch or Direct Flash from PC APP
Improved Wiring Information with Detailed Connector and PIN; Size, Color, Location and Function Information
Enables SWC button function customization and saving for future reuse
Automatic Product Firmware Updating – Ensures Latest
Vehicle Compatibility and Features
Improved Support Ticket Routing for Quick Response Timed analog vehicles.

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