PAC Audio Variable Resistor Pack

Part Number: PACVR5

Selected Part Number: PACVR5
--- General Product Information ---
The perfect product to keep in your installation bay or workshop. How many times have you needed to grab for that resistor value and not be able to find it?
Maybe you have been unsure what resistor to even use with your steering wheel interface or a resistor value that isn’t common.

How many times have you needed a particular resistor for
* Central locking interfacing
* Steering wheel control wires
* LED light installation
* Plus many more!

Now you have the solution with the PAC Audio VR5.

The PAC Audio VR5 offers 0 – 5k (5000 Ohm) single resistance value which is easily adjusted via the 15 turn pot control on the top of the VR5.
Simply connect your multimeter to the VR5’s wires, set the value using a small screwdriver and done.

--- Product Compatibility Information ---