Echomaster Universal Blind Spot Camera

Part Number: PCAM-BS1-N

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Part Number: PCAM-BS1-N

Echomaster Flexible Housing Self-Adhesive Blind Spot Camera

Blind spots can be a recipe for disaster, and there are always places your rearview and side view mirrors just can’t reach. This versatile blind spot camera is fully self-adhesive, making it a cinch to install. Stop worrying about unseen obstacles, and gain a clearer view of your surroundings than ever before. Selectable parking lines offer you an extra hand with difficult parking situations, while a high waterproof rating keeps the camera protected from the elements.

Mount under side view mirrors for lane departure assistance.  The cameras can be triggered on by turn signals, making lane changing safer, no twisting and turning required.  The angle of the camera is specifically designed to eliminate the side blind spots, but not display too much information that can be seen with your peripheral vision, which could cause vertigo.



* Sensor Type: 1/4″ CMOS
* Min. illumination (LUX): 0.1
* Viewing Angle: 80°
* Water/debris-proof Rating: IP67
* Parking Lines: Selectable
* Image (Mirrored/Non-mirrored): Selectable


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