Stinger Roadkill Overkill Foam Damping Mat

Product Summary
Part Number: RKO12
Barcode: 609098097390
MSRP: $199.95 (AUD inc. GST)*
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Selected Part Number: RKO12
General Product Information

RoadKill’s Overkill foam damping mat eliminates unwanted noises that can diminish your audio system’s performance or make things like hands-free calls hard to hear.  Overkill foam mat is a dense 1/4″ foam that can be used for interior door panel damping, and commonly used for speaker barrier/gasket damping. It decimates high frequency noise, and eliminates annoying interior squeaks and rattles. Providing a last layer of defense against panel resonation.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Dense 1⁄4” foam
  • Easy conformability
  • Interior panel damping
  • Recommended for any installation that requires removal of panels
  • Place Overkill on panel or surface prior to re-installation
  • Eliminates annoying interior squeaks and rattles
  • Last layer of defense against panel resonation
  • Excellent speaker gasket material

Important Product Compatibility Information
How Much Material Do I Get?

1 Sheet of 12sq-ft (32" x 54")

Minimum Thickness


Damping Weight


Peel Adhesion Strength

38.24 lb/in after 24 hours

Product Vehicle Applications