Stinger Roadkill Expert Universal Kit

Product Summary
Part Number: RKX4
Barcode: 609098090575
MSRP: $53.00 (AUD inc. GST)*
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Selected Part Number: RKX4
General Product Information

Stinger Roadkill Universal Kit

Unlimited uses, material built from an aluminum outer layer (6 mils), and an ultra-dense butyl blend bottom layer (0.65 lbs/ft2)

  • Aluminum outer layer
  • Self-adhesive
  • More efficient A/C and heating performance for a more comfortable ride
  • Easy installation
  • Use on all metal panels, doors, roof, floor, firewall & trunk
  • Kills panel resonance, squeaks and rattles
  • Highest damping vs. weight ratio of any material available
  • Improves overall audio frequency response and bass output

Important Product Compatibility Information
How Much Material Do I Get?

2-Pack: 4sq-ft (12" x 24")

Damping Weight


Aluminium Layer Thickness

6 mil

Minimum Thickness


Peel Adhesion Strength

40.89 lb/in after 24 hours

Application Temperature

-80F to 300F (-62c to 149c)

Product Vehicle Applications