Stinger 8GA 4000 Series Power Wiring Kit

Part Number: SK4281

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Part Number: SK4281

Stinger 4000 Series Power Wiring Kit

All of our stinger power and speaker wire is made of true-spec tinned oxygen-free copper to ensure maximum power transfer. This attention to detail makes the entire Stinger 4000 series the perfect choice for more sophisticated car audio systems.

Tremendous power capabilities, superior noise rejection, and exceptional signal integrity are all reasons why the Stinger 4000 series delivers unmatched performance and reliability with killer styling that looks great in any install. Stinger 4000 series wiring kits are no exception, setting the standard for top-notch connectivity.

Our power signal kits combine our exceptional 4000 series interconnect with the power essentials for a quality installation. Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 800 watts or 70 amps made from 100% oxygen-free copper for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power TRU-SPEC cables/wires meet or exceed the industry standard of copper required for the gauge size tinned conductors for corrosion resistance mini-ANL (midi) style fuse holder (spd5801) for maximum power delivery and safety matte finish hyper-twist wire construction provides excellent flexibility pre-terminated power connections provide reliable performance kit.

* 8 Gauge Hyper Twist Power Cable (5 Meters)
* 8 Gauge Hyper Twist Earth Cable (0.9 Meter)
* AGU Fuse Holder & 60 Amp Fuse
* Amplifier Trigger wire (5 Meters)
* Installation Accessories Included

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