Stinger Roadkill Expert Hood Liner Kit

Part Number: RKXHL

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Part Number: RKXHL

The Stinger RKXHL is a hood liner material with an astounding degree of polyester acoustic open cell material. Along with a fortified metal warm temperature protect layer 10mm thick liner, the RKXHL is self-glue for easy “peel & stick” application.

  • Isolates engine noise & heat
  • Lightweight construction
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal addition to high-performance vehicles
  • Diesel, turbocharged or supercharged engines will benefit from reduced noise and heat transfer through hood
  • Conforms easily to particular hood applications
  • Withstands temperatures in excess of 255 ̊F
  • 12sq-ft (32″ x 54″) noise deadening material


* Weight – .65/sq ft.
* Thickness – .08 inch
* Aluminium Thickness – 6 mil
* Appearance – Tacky mastic material with aluminum layer
* Color – Black and Silver Layer
* Specific Gravity – 1.69
* Peel Adgesion Strength – 40.89 lb/in after 24 hours
* Application Temperature – -60F to 300F

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