All Stinger USA RCA interconnects and accessories (where stated) come with a lifetime warranty adding piece of mind to your purchase. However, there are terms and conditions to this.

Stinger offers a lifetime warranty against the manufacturer defects if purchased via Stinger Australia or via one of its authorized resellers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

What is a manufacturer defect?
– If you receive it with a cross-threaded bolt? that’s a manufacturer defect.
– If you receive an RCA lead and the RCA jack isn’t soldered correctly, that’s a manufacturer defect.

What isn’t covered?

  • If a fuse fails due to over current, that isn’t a manufacturer defect (it’s just doing its job)
  • If during installation, the bolt is cross-threaded due to installer/user error.
  • If an RCA lead is broken during installation due to poor installation / improper installation techniques.

All items must be inspected by Stinger Australia before a warranty can be approved. Please contact Stinger Australia with proof of purchase or your local reseller.
This does not apply to Stinger Australia accessories and wiring kits, Stinger Lighting, Stinger Infotainment systems & accessories, Stinger interfaces, Stinger SPX speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.
Items purchased from grey importers or overseas are not covered under warranty at all. No exceptions.